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75005, Paris

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1990 - 2018 Set Designer and Art Director for film and television    

  •       Budget set construction

  •       Develop and manage execution of stage sets 

  •       Supervise construction 

  •       Survey and manage location modification

  •       Liaison  with other departments

  •      Fabricate construction drawing 

  •      Local 800 until 2007

           1999   Girl Interupted, Director: James Mangold 

           2011   Hugo Cabret, Director: Martin Scorcese 

           2014   Hunger Games - Mockingjay 1 &2, Director: Francis Lawrence 

           2017   Dunkirk, Director: Christopher Nolan

           2018   Spoilers (working title), Director: James Mangold

            Full credit list available


2018 Paris College of Art; Paris, France – M.F.A. -  Transdisciplinary New Media

 1990 University of North Texas; Denton, Texas– B.A. - Interior Design, Weaving 

 1986 Hollins University; Roanoke, Virginia – B.F.A. - Printmaking, Art History 


2018   Translucent Depiction - MFA Presentation, Mi-Gallerie, Paris, Franc

2017    Translucent Movement - MFA/MA  End of the Year Show, Paris College of Art   Paris, France  

2017    BEEEEP - LOW TECH in Communications Projects; Paris College of Art Paris    

2017    BEEEEP - JustMad - Emerging Art Fair; Madrid, Spain  

Academic Conferences

2018  CONFIA, Esposende, Portugal - "Beyond the Frame, Into Virtual Reality"

Deep Competence      

Conception, design and execution of sets, drawing and model building (old school) ,Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and Sketchup

 New Technology       

 Unity, Rhino, Arduino, 3d printing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Photogrammetry

 Languages                English - Native

                                    French - Intermediate

 Interests                     Dog-sledding in the Arctic, Film, Photography, Classic and Modern Dance Enthusiast, and  Organizing books by color