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Apparent Connection

Virtual reality art piece exploring community and memory

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digital contemplation

a virtual reality art piece that investigates the relationship between gesture, time and presence.


This installation is composed of 5 sheets of 200 mm by 200 mm tulle suspended 90mm apart. The tulle has black and white portraits printed in random spacing.

SketchUp development model.

SketchUp development model.

 Girl in slow motion Installation

This installation is composed of a book, slow-motion video projection and an A2 print of still images merged together. 

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Beeeep is an interactive installation using Arduino with a distance sensor, a motorola pager, GIFS and photography. Reinterpreting the sound of a pager going off, a wall mounted panel of steel is covered with small vibrating motors. The vidraring sounds grow louder the closer the viewer gets to the panel. The question proposed in this piece is: What is the cut-off point for human beings’ ability to integrate all the media thrown at them daily?  Is the glut of information impeding human connection?

Steel panel with vibrating motors activated by a distance sensor

Steel panel with vibrating motors activated by a distance sensor


Two examples of playing with the parameters of a flocking algorithm.


Floating Triangles